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Game introduction

Bee Brilliant Blast is a popular casual puzzle game that has both strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the game:


Colorful graphics: Bee Brilliant Blast features bright and colorful graphics that create a visually appealing experience for players.

Engaging gameplay: The game features a match-3 gameplay mechanic, which is easy to pick up and play but challenging to master. Players must match and eliminate items on a puzzle board to progress through levels and earn rewards.

Boosters and power-ups: The game includes a variety of boosters and power-ups that players can use to help them progress through levels. These items add an extra layer of strategy to the game and can be especially helpful in challenging levels.

Regular updates: The developers of Bee Brilliant Blast regularly release updates, adding new levels and features to the game. This keeps the game fresh and engaging for players.


Limited moves: In each level, players have a limited number of moves to match and eliminate items. This can be frustrating for players, especially as they progress through the levels and the puzzles become more complex.

In-app purchases: The game includes in-app purchases, which can be tempting for players who want to progress through levels faster or purchase special items.

Repetitive gameplay: Some players may find the match-3 gameplay to be repetitive, especially if they have played similar games in the past.

Overall, Bee Brilliant Blast is a fun and engaging puzzle game that offers players colorful graphics and challenging gameplay. However, players should be aware of the limited moves and in-app purchases, as well as the repetitive nature of the gameplay, before they start playing.

【How to Play】

The object of the game is to eliminate bees of the same color by connecting them. As soon as you connect three or more bees of the same color, they will be eliminated.In order to reach the goal of each level, you need to complete certain tasks within a limited number of steps, such as eliminating a certain number of bees, destroying obstacles, or rescuing trapped honey bees.When you connect four or more bees of the same color, you create special bees. These special bees have a powerful effect and can help you complete tasks faster.There are also various items in the game, such as bombs, rainbow bees, etc., which have unique features to help you through the level.Keep an eye on the level objective and make sure that every step is aimed at achieving it.Try to create special bees, their effects will be a huge help to you.When facing obstacles, first think about how to eliminate or bypass them in order to complete the task faster.There are a variety of challenges for you to complete, such as completing successive levels, reaching certain scores, and so on. There are plenty of rewards for completing these challenges.Log in to the game every day for a chance to get free items or rewards, don't miss out.


Good App Guaranteed:

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  • Size: 338.25 Mb
  • Version : 1.37.3
  • Updated : December 16, 2021
  • Developer: Tactile Games
  • Size : 89.13 Mb
  • Version : 1.37.3
  • Updated : December 15, 2021
  • Developer: Tactile Games