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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Blend It 3D is a fun simulation game where you play as a bartender and create delicious drinks by mixing different ingredients and seasonings. The game features a simple graphic style and innovative gameplay that brings players endless creativity and fun.The gameplay of Blend It 3D is simple and intuitive, players need to control a blender to mix ingredients and seasonings. Players control the speed and direction of the blender by touching the screen to ensure that the ingredients and seasonings are perfectly mixed.There are a variety of ingredients and seasonings to choose from, such as fruits, vegetables, cream, syrups, etc. Players can choose different combinations according to their preferences and creativity to make unique drinks. During the mixing process, players need to pay attention to the mixing time and strength to ensure that the mixture is uniform and the taste is good.After mixing, players can show their drinks to customers and receive rewards based on customer ratings. Players can also unlock new ingredients and seasonings, as well as decorations, to make their creations more varied and interesting.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Blend It 3D creative gameplay allows players to play their imagination and creativity. By mixing different ingredients and seasonings, players can create a variety of delicious drinks and enjoy being a bartender.

2. The operation of the game is very simple, anyone can easily use. By touching the screen to control the speed and direction of the blender, players can quickly pick up and enjoy the game.

3. The game provides a wide variety of ingredients and seasonings for players to choose from. Players can make a variety of different flavors of drinks according to their own preferences and creativity, which increases the playability and fun of the game.

4. The game uses 3D technology to provide a realistic visual and operational experience, which not only arouses and activates players’interests, but also increases the glamour of the game itself.


1. Due to the relatively simple gameplay of the game, a long game may feel a bit repetitive. Some players may want more new elements and challenges to keep the game fresh and playable.

2. There are some ads in the game, which may have an impact on the player's game experience. Although ads can be removed by paying for them, they are still a less desirable factor for some players.


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