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Game introduction

【Howto play】

My Romance: puzzle & episode is an enchanting combination of casual puzzle gaming and interactive storytelling. This walkthrough guide will help you navigate the captivating world of match-3 puzzles and romantic narratives, guiding you through the gameplay mechanics and providing insights into making the most of your experience.

Upon entering the game, you'll be greeted by a heartwarming romantic tale waiting to unfold. Your journey begins by solving match-3 puzzles, which serve as the foundation for progressing through episodes and unlocking intriguing storylines. These puzzles involve matching three or more identical items on the game board, clearing them to complete objectives and earn valuable coins.

As you delve deeper into the game's universe, you'll encounter a diverse cast of characters. Among these characters, you have the exciting opportunity to choose your own romantic partner. This choice adds a personalized touch to your gameplay experience, allowing you to shape the direction of the story based on your preferences.

A significant aspect of My Romance: puzzle & episode is the pivotal role of decisions. Throughout the game, you'll be presented with choices that have the potential to influence the outcome of the story. These decisions lend a layer of interactivity, making you an integral part of the narrative's progression. The relationships you build and the choices you make will significantly impact the ultimate conclusion of the romantic journey.

Beyond the puzzle-solving and storytelling elements, the game offers customization options that enable you to create a unique and stylish environment. Personalize your character's appearance with head-to-toe fashion and makeup makeovers, infusing your own sense of style into the protagonist's look. Additionally, you can enhance the ambience by customizing your café and surroundings, creating a captivating backdrop for your romantic escapades.

A key highlight of the gameplay is the match-3 puzzles themselves. Successfully completing these puzzles not only advances the story but also grants you the opportunity to acquire new outfits, hairstyles, and other cosmetic items for your character. This adds an element of progression and reward, encouraging you to engage with the puzzle mechanics while ensuring that your character's appearance aligns with your evolving preferences.

【pros and cons】


1.My Romance: puzzle & episode combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with interactive storytelling, offering a unique and engaging experience that caters to both puzzle enthusiasts and fans of romantic narratives.

2.The game allows players to customize their characters with head-to-toe fashion and makeup makeovers, adding a personal touch to the protagonist's appearance. The option to personalize your café and surroundings further enhances the immersive experience.

3.The inclusion of decision points in the game adds interactivity and a sense of agency. The choices players make influence the outcome of the story, making each playthrough unique and allowing for replayability.


1.The game may utilize an energy system that restricts players from playing continuously. This can be frustrating for players who want to progress through the story without interruptions.


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