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Game introduction

【How to Play】

At the commencement of the game, you have moved to a new house and discover that some dark secrets seem to be hidden in your neighbor's house. As a curious child, you decide to explore your neighbor's house to uncover its mysteries. However, the neighbor does not welcome your snooping, and he will set up all kinds of traps and obstacles to prevent your entry.The game uses a non-linear level design, and you are free to explore the path you like. You need to look for clues, solve puzzles and unlock doors in order to enter different areas of your neighborhood. Each room is full of puzzles and challenges, such as hidden switches, combination locks and mazes. You need to observe the environment, collect items, and use logic to deduce solutions.Neighbor, however, is not an easy adversary. He will patrol, listen, and track your movements. If he spots you, he will become more vigilant and set more traps, making your exploration more difficult. You need to stay alert, avoid being caught by your neighbors as much as possible, and look for hidden refuges or cover to escape his pursuit.There are multiple chapters in the game, each revealing a piece of the neighbor's secret. By solving puzzles and exploring, you will gradually learn about your neighbor's past and his hidden truths. As the story progresses, the difficulty and tension of the game will gradually increase, giving you more challenges and surprises.

【Pros and Cons】


1. By introducing mysterious neighbors and hidden secrets, the game stimulates the curiosity of the player, making the player want to explore and learn the true identity and intentions of the neighbors.

2. Hello Neighbor adopts an advanced artificial intelligence system, and the behavior and reaction of neighbors will change according to the actions of players and the progress of the game, which increases the challenge and playability of the game.

3. Players can freely explore their neighbors' houses in the game and discover hidden passages, puzzles and clues, making each game experience different and bringing the fun of exploration to players.

4. The game successfully creates a tense and scary atmosphere through sound effects, pictures, scene design and other elements, bringing exciting and tense game experience to players.


1.Hello Neighbor's puzzles and hidden clues are relatively difficult and require patient exploration and thinking, which can be confusing and challenging for novice players.

2.There are some recurring scenes and missions in the game, which can sometimes make the player feel monotonous and lack of novelty.


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