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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Granny's play is simple and intense. The player becomes trapped in the home of a terrifying granny and has five days to find an exit and escape. However, Granny is very smart, agile and has a very good hearing, and if she finds out, the player will be fatally attacked.In the game, players need to find clues, solve puzzles and sneak to escape the grandmother's house. Players need to avoid granny's attention and use objects and facilities in the environment to find hidden roads and exits.The environment in the game is very tense and scary, and the player needs to tread carefully to avoid making noise or being spotted by the grandmother. Players can hide under cabinets, tables, or other places that offer protection, waiting for the right moment to act.Players need to use their powers of observation and decision-making to find a way to escape and escape the granny's terrifying home in a limited time.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The game's intense atmosphere and thriller-filled game experience attract many players. In the process of finding the exit, the player needs to move carefully to avoid being discovered by the grandmother. This tension gives the player a unique experience.

2. Granny offers many elements of mystery and puzzle solving. Players need to find a way to escape by finding clues and solving puzzles. This adds complexity and challenge to the game, allowing the player to try a variety of different ways to escape.

3. The sound and visual effects in the game are excellent, and can effectively create a scary and tense atmosphere. This adds a sense of realism and immersion to the game, allowing the player to feel a strong game emotion.

4. The duration of each game is relatively short, usually only a few minutes. This allows players to experience an intense and exciting gaming experience in a short period of time, suitable for those who prefer fast-paced games.


1. Because the core gameplay of the game is relatively simple, repeated escape operations can lead to a repetitive game experience. Some players may get bored and want more game elements and challenges.

2. Maps and missions in the game are relatively fixed, and players' actions and choices are limited. Some players may want more freedom and choice to increase the enjoyment of the game.

3. Due to the scary atmosphere and scary graphics of the game, it may not be suitable for younger players or players who are easily stimulated by fear. This prevents some people from fully enjoying the game.


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