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Game introduction

【Howto play】

Super Type is an arcade-style typing game that delivers a fast-paced and addictive experience suitable for players of all skill levels. With its visually appealing presentation and competitive leaderboard system on FreeWorldGroup, the game entices players to challenge themselves and surpass their friends' scores. The game's simplicity and requirement of only a keyboard and some typing prowess make it accessible to a wide audience.

In Super Type, each level features a set of objects formed by several small sticks that combine to create a specific shape. Your objective is to input a single letter that perfectly aligns with a designated white point on the screen, making contact with it. This white point can be located at various positions within the screen's graphical shape.

For less intricate scenarios, the white point may sit directly below your letter. Common letters like "w" are optimal choices here, leveraging gravity and physics to guide them to the white point as they descend. Yet, the game escalates in complexity, introducing challenges like the letter "r" that resembles a hook. This unique letter configuration empowers you to reach corners and zones otherwise inaccessible, intensifying the gameplay's challenge.

In more complex levels, the screen might be filled with small black balls that hinder your ability to reach the white point or the designated black points. To navigate these obstacles, you'll need to input a sequence of numbers. This strategic approach increases the chances of hitting the white point while avoiding the black balls.

A crucial strategy is to meticulously assess the shape formed by the sticks before typing. Rather than inputting random letters, discern the optimal letter that mirrors the shape's contour. This tactical finesse becomes pivotal, enabling you to achieve precision and efficiency in your typing.

【pros and cons】


1: Super Type offers an arcade-style experience that quickly hooks players and keeps them engaged in its fast-paced challenges.

2: The game's stunning visual presentation adds to the overall enjoyment and immersion, enhancing the player's experience.

3: The inclusion of leaderboards on FreeWorldGroup encourages healthy competition among players, motivating them to improve their typing skills and achieve higher scores.

4: With only a keyboard and typing skills required, the game is accessible to a wide range of players, including those who may not be traditional gamers.


1: While the core gameplay is engaging, the game's mechanics might become repetitive after extended play sessions, as the challenges primarily involve typing letters and numbers to hit specific points.

2: The game's difficulty curve might vary based on players' typing proficiency, potentially making it slightly challenging for beginners to master more complex levels.


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