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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Homescapes is a popular puzzle game developed by Playrix Games. This game is loved by players for its unique home decoration gameplay and interesting storyline. And more detailed messages about how to play this game are as follows.

Homescapes is equipped with simple and intuitive gameplay for all kinds of players. Players need to complete a variety of puzzle levels to earn stars, and then use the stars to unlock and get new home decor and furniture to build and decorate their dream home. In the puzzle level, the player needs to make at least three of the same elements join together by exchanging adjacent elements, eliminating them and completing the level objective. At the same time, the game also provides a series of missions and storylines to engage the player in the daily life of the family, which increases the fun and joy of the game.

All in all, Homescapes is a creative and fun puzzle game that makes players enjoy the happiness of building their dream home. The gameplay is easy but attractive, if you love the fun of solving puzzles and building homes, Homescapes is a game worth trying.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The game is not only to solve puzzles, but also to add home ornaments elements. Players can choose from a lot of home decor and furniture to design and make their own unique dream home. This kind of creative gameplay increases the fun and long-term playability of the game.

2. Homescapes gets players involved in the daily life of the family through a fun storyline. Players can interact with characters in the game, unlock new chapters and missions, and experience different storylines.

3. Homescapes game interface design is beautiful, bright colors, home decoration and furniture graphics are detailed and realistic. With pleasant sound effects and music, it creates a relaxed and pleasant game atmosphere for players.

4. The game also provides social interaction features, players can compete with friends for points, compare home decor and furniture, and send gifts to each other. This adds to the interactivity and fun of the game.


1. Although the game itself is free, some home decor and furniture need to be purchased through in-game purchases. This may cause inconvenience or additional costs for some players.

2. In the game, players have to wait a certain amount of time to unlock new chapters and missions, or gain more lives. This can make some players impatient or affect the flow of the game.


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  • Size: 308.08 Mb
  • Version : 5.2.4
  • Updated : March 21, 2022
  • Developer: Playrix
  • Size : 149.95 Mb
  • Version : 5.2.4
  • Updated : March 21, 2022
  • Developer: Playrix