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Game introduction

【How to Play】

The basic gameplayof this game is to tap the screen once, the bottle will do a flip, and consecutive clicks will flip continuously. Your goal is to make sure the bottle is standing firmly on the target object.Next is assess distance. The distance between different objects is different, and you need to determine how many times the bottle needs to be turned over to fall steadily.One thing you have to know is that the key to the game is the timing to tap the screen. With a lot of practice, you can more accurately judge when to click the screen so that the bottle falls in the desired position.Sometimes, you can use walls or other objects to help the bottle stabilize. For example, if you think the bottle might flip over, try to have it hit a wall and then land on its target.As a matter of fact, it doesn't have to be perfect every time. While every perfect flip will give you satisfaction, sometimes a slight deviation won't lead to failure. Don't aim too hard for perfection every time, the key is to keep the bottle stable.Do not click too early or too late. This is probably the most common mistake. Clicking too early will cause the bottle to not complete the entire flip, while clicking too late may cause the bottle to overflip. With practice, it will be easier for you to get the timing right.And too many taps in a rowis not advised, too. In some cases, you may get too nervous and tap the screen too many times in a row, causing the bottle to flip over too much. Stay calm and accurately assess the number of flips required.As the game progresses, you will encounter more obstacles and challenges, such as moving platforms or more complex environments. In these levels, not only the flip of the bottle must be considered, but also other factors such as the speed and direction of movement of the platform.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The gameplay of the game is simple and suitable for players of all ages.

2.Because it is a mobile game, players can play anywhere, anytime.

3.As the player progresses, the difficulty of the game increases gradually, which makes the player always feel challenged.

4.The game's 3D design and animation effects provide visual enjoyment for players.

5.Each game is short and suitable for playing during short breaks.


1.For some players, the game can feel repetitive because the core gameplay hasn't changed much.

2.The free version of the game may include a lot of ads, which can interrupt the player's experience.


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