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Become a Queen


Game introduction

【How to Play】

When the game starts, you will see a warm princess room, which is the heroine's home. At home, players can change the heroine's clothes, make up, create hair and so on. Click on the dresser and choose the makeup and color you like to paint the beauty makeup for the heroine. Then click on the wardrobe, choose the right clothes, and create a fashionable image for the heroine.

In addition to the appearance of the dress up, the game also pays attention to the heroine's inner cultivation. The player needs to click on the class schedule and select the course that the heroine will learn. Through continuous learning, the heroine's abilities improve, unlocking new skills and activities.There are various activities in the game, including courses on campus, social activities, fun competitions and so on. Players need to arrange their time reasonably, so that the heroine can participate in various activities and improve their abilities. For example, participating in a speech contest can improve the heroine's eloquence and confidence, and participating in a dance class can improve the heroine's coordination and flexibility.

The events in the game are also interesting, and the player has to deal with the heroine's emotional problems, family problems, and so on. These questions not only test the player's decision-making skills, but also help the player understand the heroine's personality and emotional world.Finally, don't forget to take pictures of the heroine and record her beautiful moments. Click on the camera, choose your favorite pose and background, and leave a precious memory for the heroine.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The game screen is beautiful. It has bright colors, lovely characters, which in line with women's aesthetic.

2.The game focuses on cultivating women's temperament and ability to help women achieve self-improvement.

3.The game has multiple scenes and activities, rich and varied content, and high playability.

4.The game operation is simple, easy to use, suitable for the majority of female players.


1.The game pays too much attention to the appearance of the dress up, may let the player fall into the pursuit of appearance misunderstanding.

2.Quests and activities in the game sometimes require payment to complete, which can be unfair to some players.

3.Some tasks and activities in the game require waiting a certain amount of time, which can make the player bored and impatient.

4.Games that focus too much on emotional issues can feel too cumbersome and heavy for some players.


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