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Game introduction

【How to Play】

The core gameplay of the game is to mineandsynthesize various resources, and unlock more resources by building and upgrading buildings. Resources in the game include minerals, trees, plants, monsters, etc., each resource has its own unique role and value. Players need to mine and fight to obtain these resources, and then use these resources to build their own universe.

There are many kinds of buildings in the game, such as production buildings, defense buildings, science and technology buildings, and each building has its unique role and effect. Production buildings can produce resources, defense buildings can protect the base from attack, and technology buildings can research new technologies and skills. Players need to match and upgrade buildings reasonably according to their needs to improve their strength and expand their territory.

The combat system in the game is also very special, players can send their own team to attack other players' bases, and can also protect their own bases from attack. In battle, players need to match different classes and skills properly in order to win.In addition to combat and construction, the game also has a rich story and missions that players can complete to earn rich rewards and unlock new areas and characters. The graphics and sound of the game are also very beautiful, allowing players to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the universe.

【Pros and Cons】


1.My Little Universe offers a wealth of creative gameplay, giving players the freedom to design and develop their own universe. From galaxies to planets, creatures to civilizations, players can create unique universes based on their imagination.

2.The game has a wide variety of planets, creatures, and resources for players to explore and exploit. Players can discover different types of planets, interact with a variety of exotic creatures, and collect rare resources to develop their own universe.

3.Game developers regularly release updates, including new planets, creatures, missions, and more. This keeps the game fresh and playable for a long time, with players constantly discovering new content and challenges.

4.My Little Universe supports social interaction between players, allowing players to communicate, cooperate, and compete with other players. This adds to the fun and interactivity of the game, where players can share their cosmic achievements and explore the universe with other players.


1.The gameplay and systems of the game may have a certain learning curve for new players. Understanding and mastering the various mechanics and operations of the game can take some time and patience.

2.Some quests and developments in the game require a certain amount of time and patience. Players may have to wait a while to see results or complete certain missions, which can make some players impatient.


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  • Developer: SayGames