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Super Car Jumping


Game introduction

【How to Play】

Super Car Jumping is simple and intuitive to play. The player takes on the role of a racer who needs to drive a supercar to perform high-altitude jumps between various jumps and obstacles. Players control the acceleration and braking of the sports car by touching the screen in order to control the takeoff and landing of the vehicle. In each level, the player needs to avoid obstacles, jump through the platform to complete the jumping task, and reach as far as possible to jump.

There are many interesting elements and challenges, such as different types of jumps, obstacles and special items. Jumps may come in different heights and shapes, some even move or tilt, and players need to choose the best time to jump according to the actual situation. At the same time, obstacles also add to the difficulty of the game, and the player needs to be flexible and avoid them. In addition, the game offers special items such as accelerators and shields that can help players gain an extra edge during jumps.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Super Car Jumping is fast paced and challenging. Players need to make decisions in a limited amount of time, mastering the acceleration and braking timing of the sports car in order to make high jumps between jumps. This intense and exciting game experience makes players feel challenged and excited.

2. The game offers many different levels and vehicle choices, allowing players to try out different challenges and driving experiences. Each level has a unique design and difficulty, and players need to constantly challenge themselves to unlock higher levels.

3. Super Car Jumping operation is very simple, players only need to touch the screen to control the acceleration and braking of the sports car. This intuitive operation makes the game suitable for players of all ages and easy to pick up.

4. The game has excellent graphic design and dynamic sound effects. The details of the sports car and the exquisite design of the background allow the player to enjoy the visual enjoyment, while the sound effects add to the realism and fun of the game.

5. Super Car Jumping also provides a social interaction function, players can invite friends to compete for high scores, share game progress and achievements. This adds a layer of social interaction to the fun of the game, allowing players to experience high speed jumps with other players.


1. The game may display ads during play, which may interrupt the player's game experience. While players can choose to pay to get rid of ads, they are still a potential distraction.

2. The core gameplay of the game is relatively simple, and players need to repeatedly jump to get a higher score. This can lead to repetitive content that some players may find boring.


Good App Guaranteed:

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  • Size: 271.44 Mb
  • Version : 0.1.5
  • Updated : October 1, 2022
  • Developer: Zhou qizhi
  • Size : Depends on equipment
  • Version : 0.1.3
  • Updated : August 31, 2022
  • Developer: Zhou qizhi