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Game introduction

【Howto play】

In Covet Fashion, your journey commences with the exciting opportunity to curate and embellish your virtual models using an extensive array of clothing items, hairstyles, and accessories sourced from elite brands. Your artistic imagination knows no boundaries as you meticulously tailor each ensemble, infusing it with your distinct fashion inclinations and crafting looks that radiate your personal flair.

The pivotal essence of the game resides in its enthralling styling challenges. These challenges unfold as an arena where you can boldly unveil your fashion prowess. Here, you wield the power to conceptualize and create outfits that harmonize seamlessly with predefined themes and special occasions. It's your chance to orchestrate a symphony of design, harmoniously blending individual elements into a cohesive masterpiece that captures the essence of the theme.

As the competitive spirit ignites, your designs are put to the ultimate test, pitting you against a community of fashion aficionados, each passionately striving for acknowledgment as a genuine fashion virtuoso. This dynamic realm of creativity and rivalry propels you to stretch your imaginative boundaries, leading to the birth of unique and stunning ensembles that stand out in the virtual runway.

As you traverse the game's landscape, your unwavering dedication and artistic finesse are handsomely rewarded. The treasure trove of in-game rewards and acknowledgments bestowed upon you is a testament to your evolving skills. With each triumph, your status rises, culminating in the unlocking of new horizons. This elevation grants you access to a treasure trove of stylish items, offering you the tools to elevate your fashion artistry to new heights.

The game's allure extends beyond the confines of personal achievement. Covet Fashion presents a nurturing space for connections within the fashion community. Here, you can engage with fellow enthusiasts, embarking on collaborative endeavors that transcend individualistic perspectives. By exchanging ideas, sharing insightful tips, and gaining inspiration from the diverse fashion styles of other players, you find yourself immersed in a world where the collective passion for fashion intertwines to create a vibrant tapestry of creativity.

【pros and cons】


1.Covet Fashion bridges the gap between the virtual and real world by offering the unique option to purchase real-world fashion items that mirror those featured in the game. This integration adds an exciting layer of authenticity and immersion to your fashion journey.

2.You'll have the chance to connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts, collaborating on ideas, sharing tips, and gaining inspiration from the diverse styles and perspectives of other players.


1.The game offers in-app purchases, which may require real-world spending to acquire virtual items. Be mindful of this feature if you prefer a non-monetized gaming experience.

2.Covet Fashion requires a stable internet connection to play. Ensure you have access to the internet before diving into the fashion world.


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