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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Genshin Impact's gameplay includes elements of exploration, combat, missions, and character development. Players can freely explore various terrain and locations in the vast world, discover treasures, meet NPCS, and complete various missions.The combat system in the game is characterized by combination skills, elemental restraint, and team collaboration. Players can form their own team and use the interplay between different character skills and elements to defeat powerful enemies. The combat system in the game is rich in design, and players need to formulate strategies according to the characteristics and tactics of different enemies.Genshin Impact also offers a wealth of story missions and side quests that allow players to experience a large and complex story world. By completing missions, players can unlock new areas, stories, and characters.The character development system in the game is also an important element. Players can improve their character's strength and abilities by acquiring and upgrading characters, equipping them with weapons and sacred relics. Each character has unique skills and elements that players can choose and cultivate to suit their tactical needs.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The world in the game is beautifully designed and detailed, with stunning graphics and a variety of terrain. Players are free to explore the world and discover hidden treasures, NPCS, missions and more.

2. The game offers multiple characters for players to choose from and develop. Each character has unique skills, elements, and fighting styles, allowing players to choose the right character for their preferences and tactical needs.

3. Genshin Impact's combat system design is rich and varied, and players need to develop strategies based on the characteristics and tactics of the enemy. Compositional skills, elemental restraint, and team collaboration during combat are all highlights of the game.

4. The game provides a rich story and missions for players to experience. By completing missions, players can learn the backstory of the game world while unlocking new areas, stories, and characters.


1. Resource acquisition in the game is relatively difficult, and players need to spend a lot of time and effort to acquire and improve characters, equipment, and materials. This can cause some players to feel progress is slow or need to spend a lot of real currency to speed up progress.

2. While Genshin Impact offers the ability to play cooperative multiplayer, players have relatively little freedom to communicate and interact freely with other players in multiplayer. Some players may want a more multiplayer experience and interaction.


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