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Game introduction


Lily's Garden is a casual puzzle game that features a gardening and renovation theme. In the game, players match and eliminate crops on a puzzle board to progress through levels and earn rewards. The rewards earned from completing levels can then be used to purchase items and upgrades to help grow and expand the player's garden.

The game features a match-3 gameplay mechanic, where players must match and eliminate a set number of crops within a limited number of moves. The objective of the game is to progress through levels and build up the player's garden.

In addition to puzzle gameplay, Lily's Garden also features a storyline that players can follow as they progress through levels. The story centers around the main character, Lily, who is trying to renovate her grandmother's garden. The storyline adds an extra layer of engagement and interest to the game.

【How to Play】

Your journey begins with aiding Lily in breathing life back into her great-aunt's garden. This extraordinary game amalgamates the joys of garden renovation with the thrill of solving match-3 puzzles. With each successfully completed blast puzzle, you'll earn rewards that are pivotal to the garden's transformation. Unlock a plethora of distinctive locations intricately woven into the storyline, offering a canvas to unleash your creativity and design preferences. At the heart of Lily's Garden lies the core gameplay of match-3 mechanics. The task is to pair flowers of identical hues, effectively solving the blast puzzles that lie ahead. Engage your strategic mind as you align three or more flowers either horizontally or vertically, resulting in dazzling combinations that will clear the puzzle. These successful matches hold the key to propelling the storyline forward and facilitating Lily's strides in restoring the garden's former allure. Prepare for an expedition teeming with unexpected plot twists that will transport you deeper into the enigmatic realm of Lily's garden. The narrative intricacies surrounding Lily and her garden will captivate you, fostering a connection with a cast of vivid characters. The game's charm lies in uncovering well-guarded secrets and buried mysteries that layer the experience with a palpable sense of intrigue. Every corner of the garden is a potential discovery. Navigate through hidden nooks and crannies, unlocking concealed areas that hold the promise of unique rewards. The opportunity to choose and place a multitude of flowers is a testament to the game's commitment to fostering your creative vision. The canvas is yours to paint with the colors of your design aspirations. The game's allure extends beyond the gameplay mechanics. It's a fusion of romance and storytelling, providing players with a glimpse into Lily's world as she navigates a romantic journey intertwined with her garden's restoration. The dialogue is not only heartfelt but often infused with light-hearted humor, ensuring an emotionally resonant experience.

【Pros and Cons】


1.Lily's Garden strikes an appealing balance between garden renovation and match-3 puzzles, catering to players who enjoy both creative design and challenging puzzles.

2.The romantic storyline adds an emotional dimension to the gameplay, engaging players in Lily's journey of love and discovery. The narrative twists and interactions with colorful characters keep players invested in the story.

3.Players appreciate the game's generosity in providing rewards and extra lives. Daily rewards and ample opportunities to earn extra lives contribute to extended play sessions without the fear of running out of resources.


1.Some players have reported concerns about the cost of tasks and challenges within the game. Balancing the in-game economy could provide a smoother progression experience, particularly for advanced tasks.

2.A specific advertisement issue has been reported by players, where an ad persists on the screen without a close option. This issue has caused some frustration and interruption to the gameplay experience.


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  • Size: 365.51 Mb
  • Version : 2.19.0
  • Updated : April 7, 2022
  • Developer: Tactile Games
  • Size : 180.36 Mb
  • Version : 2.19.0
  • Updated : April 7, 2022
  • Developer: Tactile Games