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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Perfect Lie is an extremely challenging mystery game in which the player has to identify who is lying. The game is set in a small town where the player takes on the role of a detective investigating a series of mysterious events and revealing the truth.The game begins when you receive a mysterious phone call and learn that a murder has occurred in a small town. You need to communicate with the residents of the town, collect clues, and gradually reveal the truth of the incident. Along the way, you will encounter many suspicious characters, some of whom will give you important clues, while others may lie.The biggest feature of the game is the introduction of the "lie mechanic", which requires the player to identify who is lying based on known information and logical reasoning. A liar may provide false clues or mislead you to steer you away from the truth. Therefore, you need to be vigilant in your interactions with each person, carefully analyzing their words and actions to reveal their hidden secrets.Perfect Lie's reasoning system is excellent, it requires players to carry out rigorous logical reasoning and analysis in the game. Through continuous challenges, the player's reasoning and judgment ability will be improved, and you will gradually become a good detective and reveal the truth of the event.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The "lie mechanic" in the game adds more complexity and fun to the game, requiring the player to be sensitive to false clues in their communication to reveal the truth.

2.The characters in the game have unique characteristics and backgrounds, and the player needs to gradually learn about them through communication and reasoning, so as to better reveal the truth.

3.The game's reasoning system requires the player to perform rigorous logical reasoning and analysis, making the game more challenging.

4.The small town setting in the game adds more atmosphere and emotional color to the game, making the game more attractive.


1.The game's reasoning system requires players to have a high level of logical reasoning and analysis skills, which may be difficult for beginners.

2.The main gameplay of the game is communication and reasoning, which can be monotonous and boring for some players.

3. The length of the game is relatively short, perhaps only a few hours of game content, the player needs to complete the game quickly, and lacks a certain durability.

4. Since the game uses an English interface and dialogue, there may be a language barrier for some players whose English is not very good.


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