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Game introduction

【How to Play】

The goal of the game is very simple, is to beat and destroy the villain Buddyin various ways to release their pressure and anger.This game provides a safe outlet for players to vent their emotions and release stress in a virtual environment, so it is widely loved by players who want to relax.The game has a wide variety of weapons and tools at the player's disposal, such as baseball bats, grenades, chainsaws, etc. Players can choose the right items according to their preferences, and use them to destroy and strike.What’s more, the game provides multiple scenes with different characteristics, such as offices, garages, laboratories, etc. Each scene has a unique arrangement and props to use, adding to the fun and playability of the game.And the game allows players to customize the appearance of Buddy, including clothing, expressions, etc., as well as choose their favorite background music, so that players can create a unique game experience according to their preferences.Besides, there are a variety of achievements and rewardsin this game, players can get treasure chest, gold and other rewards by completing designated tasks. One more this the game provides is a social sharing function, where players can share their game progress, high scores and interesting scenes created with friends to increase the interactive fun of the game.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Kick the Buddy provides a safe outlet for the player to release stress, anxiety and anger by beating and destroying the virtual villain Buddy.

2. The game provides a wealth of weapons and props, players can choose different ways to deal with Buddyaccording to their preferences, which increases the fun and interaction of the game.

3. There are multiple scenes with different characteristics to choose from in the game, each scene has unique arrangements and props, players can choose according to their preferences, increasing the playability of the game.

4.Players can customize the appearance of Buddy, choose their favorite clothes and expressions, and choose their own background music, which increases the personalization and uniqueness of the game.


1. The gameplay is relatively simple, mainly focused on hitting and destruction, lack of challenge and story. It can be boring for players who like complex and deep games.

2. Over time, the operations and scenes in the game will be repeated, which will make some players feel monotonous and boring.

3. There are some paid content in the game, such as unlocking more weapons and items, which may affect the game experience for some players.


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  • Size: 220.12 Mb
  • Version : 1.4.0
  • Updated : March 2, 2023
  • Developer: Playgendary
  • Size : Depends on equipment
  • Version : 1.6.0
  • Updated : March 20, 2023
  • Developer: Playgendary