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Hide 'N Seek!


Game introduction

【How to Play】

The rules of the game are very simple. One player is chosen as the "Guardian", while the others become the "hiders". The Guardian counts to a predetermined number, giving the other players a certain amount of time to hide. The Guardian then starts looking for the other players and where they are hiding. The hiding person needs to find as safe a place as possible and try to avoid being found by the Guardian. After the Guardian finds a hider, they go back to the starting point together and start the game again. The game continues until all the hiders have been found or the allotted time is up.

In the game, the hider can choose a variety of hiding places, such as behind trees, in the grass, in the corner of the room, etc. They need to be creative and strategic in order to find the best hiding place to avoid detection by the Guardians. The Guardian has to observe, reason, and search to find the hiding person's trail. The game is a fun and exciting game that provides an exciting chase and hide experience.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The game allows family and friends to play together and develop teamwork and communication skills. The hiders need to cooperate to find the best hiding place; The guardians need to work together to find the hiding person.

2. It is an outdoor game where the hider needs to be active in finding and choosing hiding places, which promotes exercise and physical activity.

3. Hiders need to use creativity and imagination to choose unique and hidden hiding places. This fosters the player's creativity and spatial awareness.

4. It provides an exciting and competitive gaming experience. The guardian requires concentration and quick reflexes, while the hider needs to dodge and escape skillfully.


1.Itis an outdoor game and there may be some safety risks, such as falling, colliding or getting lost. Players need to pay attention to safety in the game, and choose a safe playing field.

2. Sometimes, some hiding spots may be more favorable to the hiding person, which can lead to unfairness in the game. Some players may find better hiding spots, while others may struggle to find them.

3. It is performed in some specific sites and environments and may be limited by space and resources. This can lead to less variety and freshness in the game.


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