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Game introduction


Toca Life: Pets is an educational and entertaining game for kids. It is part of the Toca Life series developed by Toca Boca. In this game, players can take care of pets and explore different environments. They can feed, groom, and play with their pets, as well as interact with other characters in the game. They can also customize their pets and make them look unique. The game is designed for kids to learn about different pets and how to take care of them. The game is played through a series of activities and interactions, and players can use their imagination to create their own stories and adventures.

【How to Play】

At the beginning of the game, you can choose from a variety of different pets to be your companion. The game offers a variety of pets to choose from, such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. Choose a pet you like and start your caring journey.You will take responsibility for the care of your pet. Make sure you give them plenty of food, water and love. By clicking on your pet's icon, you can select and provide them with the food and water they need. At the same time, you can also play and pet your pets, so that they feel loved by you.Different pets have different needs. For example, dogs need walks, cats need clean hair, birds need clean cages, and so on. Make sure to meet their needs so that they grow up healthy and happy.By interacting with and training your pet, you can help your pet develop a variety of skills. For example, teach dogs to pick up balls, cats to learn to jump, birds to learn to talk and so on. With constant training and practice, your pet will become more intelligent and capable.Toca Life: Pets also offers many opportunities to create and decorate. You can design and create unique comfort Spaces for your pet. Choose and arrange furniture, beds and toys to make a comfortable and fun home for your pet.You can save your pet world and share it with friends. By saving and sharing, you can show your experience in caring for pets and encourage others to love and care for animals as well.

【Pros and Cons】


1. There are a variety of different pets to choose from in the game, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. Players can choose their favorite pets according to their preferences.

2. Players can freely design and create their own world, decorate the room for pets, dress pets, etc., full of creative fun.

3. Players can interact and play with pets, feeding, bathing, toys, hiking, etc., to enhance the intimate relationship with pets.


1. Although the game provides some basic interactive activities, the variety and number of activities and tasks are relatively small, perhaps due to the limitations of the scope of the game.

2. There is no clear goal or challenge in the game, and it is mainly about free creation and experience, which may not be attractive enough for some players who seek challenging games.

3. Some special pet types and items in the game require additional purchase to unlock, which may increase the cost of the game.


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I love this game is so fun Thanks for making this God




This game is amazing I love it
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