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Toca Life: After School


Game introduction

【How to Play】

Toca Life: After School is another life mimic game from Toca Boca, designed for children to have free time after school. In this game, players can explore a variety of Settings, interact with all kinds of characters, and write their own stories.In the game, players can enter a campus world and explore various places such as schools, libraries, sports fields and restaurants. Players can take on different roles, such as students, teachers and school doctors, and freely choose different activities and tasks according to their own preferences and interests. The game offers a lot of after-school activity scenes, such as a skate park, art studio, dance floor, and gym. Players can choose their favorite scene and enjoy different activities.Each scene has plentyof characters. Players can interact with these characters, such as teaching them to skate at a skate park, or drawing with them at an art studio.In the art studio, players can freely paint, sculpt, and even make music. This not only stimulates the player's creativity, but also allows them to experience the fun of art. There are a lot of interactive items in the game, such as skateboards, Musical instruments, brushes, etc. Players can use these items to interact with characters or create their own stories.Players can record their gameplay at any time, save it as a video, and share it with friends. In this way, they can not only record their creative ideas, but also share the fun with others.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The game focuses on free play and creation, there is no fixed goal or task, completely by the player to explore and play freely. Players can decide the actions and adventures of their characters, and show their imagination and creativity through interaction and role-playing.

2.In addition, the game also provides a wealth of interactive features, so that players can interact with characters and environments in real time, feel the real social and life scene.


1.One of the drawbacks of the game is its lack of depth and challenge. Because the game focuses on freedom and creation, there is no clear goal and task, which may make some children feel boring. The content of the game can seem too simple and repetitive for the player who is looking for a challenge and a sense of accomplishment.

2.Additionally, social interaction in the game is limited, and the lack of features such as multiplayer mode and real player battles may not meet the social needs of some players.


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