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Game introduction

【How to Play】

In Planet Smash, the player's main goal is to conquer and destroy other planets while protecting and upgrading their home planet.Players first need to build infrastructure on their home planet, such as defense towers, mines, and research LABS. These structures not only provide resources and technological upgrades, but also provide protection for the home planet.

Players also need to regularly collect resources, which can be used to upgrade buildings, research new technologies, or build fleets. Players can choose to plunder other planets or trade with other planets to obtain resources.To conquer other planets, one one more thing the players need to is to build a powerful fleet. There are a variety of different types of ships to choose from, including fighters, cruisers and large warships.And the player can choose to attack another player's planet, and once the attack is successful, the planet's resources and technology will be owned by the player. However, players should also be aware that attacking other planets can also invite counterattacks.For the higher rates of success, players can choose to join or create alliances to team up with other players against powerful enemies. Diplomacy is also a highlight of the game, with players having the option of allying with other players, making deals, or declaring war.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Planet Smash offers a vast space world for players to explore. Players can shuttle between planets, explore a variety of mysterious places, discover new planets and resources, increase the adventure and fun of the play.

2. There are a variety of tasks and challenges in the game, players need to complete tasks, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, etc., providing rich and diverse gameplay and challenges, increasing the playability of the game.

3. Players are free to choose their own game goals and lines, such as becoming a business tycoon, explorer or fighter. In addition, players can also customize and upgrade their ships, equipment and abilities according to their own good and style, increasing personalization and freedom.

4. Planet Smash offers a multiplayer online game mode where players can interact, cooperate or battle with other players to explore the space world together, increasing the social and interactive nature of the game.


Due to the freedom and complex system of the game, it may take a while for new players to become familiar with and master the mechanics and operations of the game, and the steep learning curve may cause confusion for some new players.


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