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Stickman Clash: 2 player games


Game introduction

【How to Play】

This is an exciting and action-packed fighting game in which players control small figures to fight against each other. The game provides anintensive and exciting combat experience, giving players a fun game experience.The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Players can choose different roles to play as small characters, and then take part in various battles. The game offers a variety of combat modes, such as single player mode, multiplayer and challenge mode.

During battles, players have the option to employ diverse assault strategies and unique powers to strike their adversaries. The game's combat mechanics are seamless, enabling players to execute successive combinations, leaps, and defensive maneuvers against foes. By consistently triumphing over opponents, players can amass rewards and gain access to fresh abilities or playable characters. Additionally, the game furnishes numerous items and gear for players to utilize, thereby augmenting the potency and aptitude of their chosen character. Through the acquisition and enhancement of weaponry, armor, and miscellaneous items, players can optimize their durability and offensive capabilities during combat encounters.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The game provides an intense and exciting combat experience. Players can try a variety of attack techniques and combos, enjoy smooth combat action, let them feel the excitement and fun of combat.

2. The game offers multiple characters and skills for players to choose from. Each character has a unique attack style and skills, and players can choose the right character based on their preferences and fighting style, and constantly unlock new skills.

3. This game offers multiple battle modes, such as single player, multiplayer and challenge modes. Players can choose from different modes to enjoy different combat experiences and fight against other players.

4. The gameplay of the game is simple and easy to use, and does not require complex operations or strategies. Anyone can quickly pick up and enjoy the game.


1. The combat experience of the game is relatively simple and straightforward, and lacks depth and strategy. Some players may want more strategy and challenge to give the game more depth.

2. Since the core gameplay of the game is combat, it may lead to a repetitive game experience. Some players may get bored and lack long-term interest.

3.Stickman Clash Fighting Game has a virtual currency system where players can purchase virtual currency for additional equipment and items. This can cause some players to feel unfair, or the game becomes a pay-for-progress experience.


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  • Version : 3.8.1
  • Updated : December 15, 2022
  • Developer: Gaming Hippo
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  • Version : 5.8.3
  • Updated : December 20, 2022
  • Developer: Gaming Hippo