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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Home Design Makeover is a popular home decor game developed by Tamalaki Games. This game enjoys great popularityamong players for its unique decorative gameplay and rich home options. Let's take a look at the gameplayof Home Design Makeoverin the following paragraphs.

Home Design Makeover's gameplay is simple and creative, for players of all ages. Players need to complete various decorative levels to earn gold, and then use the gold to buy furniture and decorations to build their dream home. In the decoration level, the player needs to choose the right furniture and decorations according to the prompts and requirements, and re-decorate the room. As the level progresses, the difficulty of the game increases, requiring the player to use creativity and aesthetic vision to complete more complex decorative tasks.

In short, Home Design Makeover is a creative and fun home decorating game that allows players to have fun building their dream home. Its home decor gameplayis quite simple and intuitive. If you love Home decorating and the fun of being creative, Home Design Makeover is a game worth trying and it will bring you an enjoyabletime playing.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The game takes home decoration as the theme, players can choose a variety of furniture and decorations according to their own preferences and creativity, design and create their own unique dream home. This kind of creative gameplay increases the fun and long-term playability of the game.

2. Home Design Makeover offers a large selection of furniture and decorations for players to choose from, covering a variety of styles and themes. Players can choose the right home elements according to different rooms and scenes to create a unique home space.

3. The game interface is beautifully designed, and the graphics of furniture and decorations are detailed and realistic. With pleasant sound effects and music, it creates a relaxed and pleasant game atmosphere for players.

4. The game also provides a social interaction function, players can share their decoration results with friends, mutual viewing and liking. This adds to the interactivity and fun of the game.


1. In the game, the player has to wait a certain amount of time to unlock new decorative levels, or gain more energy. This can make some players impatient or affect the flow of the game.

2. The game is free, but some special furniture and decorations need to be purchased in-game. This may cause inconvenience or additional costs for some players.


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