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Game introduction

【How to Play】

At the beginning of the game, the player will see an empty game screen, and the blocks will gradually fall from the top of the screen. Players need to adjust the position and orientation of the blocks by moving them left and right, as well as rotating the shape of the blocks. The goal is to place the blocks at the bottom so that the blocks stack up and fill the whole row.When one or more rows are filled, those rows are eliminated and scored. The more lines you eliminate, the higher the score. At the same time, eliminating rows will also bring additional rewards to the player, such as bonus points, acceleration, and so on. However, if the blocks are stacked too high above the top of the game interface, the game ends.The difficulty of the game will gradually increase. The blocks will fall faster and faster, giving the player a greater challenge. Players need to think and react quickly and arrange the position and direction of blocks properly to avoid stacking blocks too high.

Tetris also has special blocks, such as "T" shapes, "L" shapes, and "S" shapes, which have different shapes and rotation patterns, adding more variety and strategy to the game. Players need to flexibly use these special blocks according to the shape of the blocks and the situation of the game interface in order to obtain higher scores.The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible and challenge your own record. Players can reach a higher level of play by constantly practicing and improving their reaction ability and thinking ability.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The challenge and fun in the game comes from the player's constant pursuit of higher scores and challenging their limits. When players gradually enter the state, they are often difficult to extricate themselves, like to challenge themselves again and again, and people are never tired of it.

2. When the blocks gradually pile up and the space becomes more and more tense, the player will feel a stimulating and tense game experience. Especially when blocks pile up at the top of the screen, causing the game to end, there is a sense of frustration and shock. But at the same time, it also fuels the desire to challenge again.

3. Tetris is a classic and popular game that can be played on multiple platforms and devices, whether on a PC, mobile or console.


1. Although the basic gameplay of Tetris is simple and interesting, the game's elements and modes are relatively fixed, and the lack of diversified content may lead to a decline in players' interest in the long run.

2. Since the core goal of the game is to eliminate blocks, this can cause the game to feel monotonous and repetitive to a certain extent. Especially after a long game, you may feel a certain amount of fatigue.


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