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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Your ultimate objective in Cutie Garden is to cultivate a vibrant and flourishing Garden. This achievement hinges on your ability to merge various small animals with finesse and strategic insight. The core gameplay revolves around synthesizing these creatures, a process that fuels your Garden's growth and revenue. As you progress, immerse yourself in the heart of the game's mechanics—the synthesis process. Merging animals skillfully not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your Garden but also translates to higher revenue generation. Remember, the more advanced the animals you merge, the more opulent and captivating your Garden becomes. As you embark on your Garden-building journey, you'll discover that Cutie Garden offers a world brimming with possibilities. The introduction of combat mode adds an exciting new dimension. First, you need to compete with players worldwide as your meticulously curated Garden vies for supremacy. Then, keep in mind to test your strategic prowess and relish the thrill of witnessing your Garden's grandeur reigning supreme in this competitive arena. Alwasy get ready to dive into the enchanting collection of over 15 charming species of cute little animals. Each creature holds the key to unlocking the uniqueness and allure of your sanctuary. As you merge and unlock these creatures, watch your Garden transform into a captivating haven that reflects your creativity. Experiencingthe innovative compositing gameplay that Cutie Garden introducesis the key. This feature challenges you to think beyond conventional merging and encourages experimentation with different animal combinations. This creative approach adds depth to the game, inviting you to strategize and explore uncharted territories of merging. Immerse yourself in the joy of crafting a Garden that stands as a testament to your creativity and skill. Synthesize the most advanced animals and witness the transformation of your Garden into a luxurious oasis that dazzles with its beauty and sophistication.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The synthesis process rewards players with random drop treasure boxes, unveiling valuable rewards that aid in the growth and enhancement of their Gardens.

2.With over 15 species of adorable little animals, the game's charming design adds a delightful visual appeal that appeals to players of all ages.

3.The inclusion of free mini-games enhances gameplay variety and provides an extra layer of entertainment beyond the merging mechanics.


1.As a merging game, Cutie Garden demands time and patience to progress, which might not align with the preferences of players seeking quick gameplay sessions.

2.The core gameplay of merging animals could potentially become repetitive for players seeking more varied gaming experiences.


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