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Game introduction

【How to Play】

The game's rules are quite straightforward, where every participant holds a specific number of cards in their possession, and the objective is to swiftly play all of them. During gameplay, the player must match the previous participant's cards based on their color and number. Furthermore, alongside the fundamental color and number regulations, there exist certain exceptional cards in the game, including "Reverse", "Skip", "Draw", and "Change Color". These exceptional cards contribute to the game's strategy and amusement. In the event that a player has only one card remaining, it is imperative for them to declare "UNO!" aloud, otherwise they will face penalties.

Each player takes their turn playing cards, and each can choose whether to play a card that matches the previous card face or a special card. In the event that no cards can be played, the player must draw until one card that can be played is drawn. The game continues until one player has played all cards successfully and is the winner.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The rules are simple and easy to play. Both children and adults can quickly master the basic rules of the game and enjoy the fun of the game.

2. UNO! ™ is a multiplayer game that can be played with family and friends, adding to the fun of interaction and socializing. Players can compete, cooperate and communicate in the game.

3. Although the rules are simple, there are many strategies and decisions in games. Players need to consider factors such as when to play special cards, when to keep them, and how to affect other players. This makes the game more interesting and challenging.

4. The game progresses quickly, turns in turn, and there is no excessive waiting time. Each session is intense and exciting, keeping the player focused and enjoying a fast-paced game experience.


1. Part of the success in the game depends on the luck of the cards drawn. Sometimes, a player may draw a lot of special cards or a large number of cards of the same color, which can make the game seem unfair.

2. The game has only one fixed deck, and as players become familiar with all the cards, the strategy and novelty of the game may diminish.

3. Despite the game has some strategies, but relatively few depth and strategic options compared to some of the more complex card games. This may make some players less interested in the game in the long term.


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