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Game introduction


Among Us is a multiplayer co-op/reasoning game with 4-10 players. Players take on the role of crew members or impostors, with the crew members tasked with completing missions and finding the impostors, and the impostors aiming to kill all crew members without being detected.

The game begins with the player completing the mission, but corpses may be found in the process. If the player finds a body, they can call the police, triggering a vote that determines who will be disembarked. If the impostor is voted off the ship, the crew wins; if the crew is voted off the ship, the impostor wins. Impostors can also use their sabotage powers to create chaos, making it easier to kill crew members.

If the crew successfully completes all missions, they also win. The game also allows for discussions in which to try to find the impostors.

Overall, Among Us is a very fun and addictive multiplayer game for players of all ages and groups!


Easy to learn: The game's rules are simple to understand and easy to pick up, suitable for players of all ages.

Cooperation and reasoning: The game encourages players to cooperate and reason, which is a very fun experience.

Suspense and Surprise: Each game is full of suspense and surprise as you never know who the impostor is and who the crew is.

Multiplayer: The game supports 4-10 players, which makes the game more social and entertaining.


Luck factor: Some factors in the game may be affected by luck, for example, the voting results may be affected by the player's mood.

Game time: Each game is short, so if you are expecting a long game, it may not be suitable for you.

Network issues: Since the game is online, if the network is unstable, it may affect the gaming experience.

Overall, Among Us is a very fun and addictive game that provides players with a very interesting experience, whether it's co-op or deduction.


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i love among us




i love amungus


i love among us
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