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Game introduction


Two Dots is a casual puzzle game where players connect dots of the same color to progress through levels and complete various challenges. The gameplay consists of connecting dots of the same color to clear the board and reach the goals set for each level.

The game features various obstacles, such as ice blocks, anchors, and fireballs, which players must navigate around in order to complete the levels. The game also features power-ups, such as bombs and lightening bolts, which can be used to clear large areas of the board and reach the goals more easily.

Two Dots is a fun and challenging game that will appeal to puzzle game fans. The colorful graphics, intuitive gameplay, and variety of challenges make it a great game for players of all ages.

【How to Play】

Two Dots is a unique and addictive match-3 game created by Playdots Inc. Develop. The game is loved by players for its simple but challenging gameplay.

The gameplay of Two Dots is simple and intuitive, yet strategic and challenging. Players need to eliminate them by connecting dots of the same color and completing the level objectives. Players can connect at least two adjacent points vertically and horizontally, exterminating them and scoring points. When connected points form special shapes, special items and effects are created to help players reach their goals faster. Each level has a different goal, such as eradicating a certain number of points, collecting certain items, and so on. As the level progresses, the difficulty of the game increases, requiring the player to use strategy and skill to solve more complex puzzles.

In summary, Two Dots is a simple but challenging match-3 game that lets players indulge themselves in the fun of eliminating points. The eliminationof thedots of the same color to meet every level purpose will bring you a sense of success and satisfaction. If you like puzzle and strategy games, Two Dots is a game that you can not miss.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, suitable for players of all ages. However, as the level progresses, the game becomes more challenging, requiring the player to use strategy and planning to solve complex puzzles.

2. Two Dots' game interface is beautifully designed with bright colors and pleasant dots and background patterns. With pleasant sound effects and music, it creates a relaxed and pleasant game atmosphere for players.

3. Two Dots offers hundreds of levels, each with a different goal and difficulty. Players need to use strategy and skill to solve various puzzles and challenge their intelligence and reflexes.

4. The game also provides social interaction features, players can compete with friends for points, compare progress, and send gifts to each other. This adds to the interactivity and fun of the game.


1. Two Dots uses a health system that consumes a certain number of lives each time the player fails or fails to complete a level objective. Lives are restored over time, but players may have to wait a while or buy extra lives if they want to play continuously.

2. Although the game itself is free, some items and extra lives need to be acquired through in-game purchases. This may cause inconvenience or additional costs for some players.


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