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Game introduction

【How to Play】

The operation of the game is very simple, the player only needs to touch the screen to control the direction and strength of the character's jump. Players need to pay attention to controlling the strength of the character's jump, so as not to jump too high or too low and fall. At the same time, players need to be careful to avoid various obstacles, such as enemies, traps, and mobile platforms, so as not to be defeated. In the game, players can collect coins and items to increase their points and abilities. Coins can be used to buy new characters and items to make the game more fun and challenging. Items can help the player score higher in the game, such as springs that allow the character to jump higher, rockets that allow the character to fly a certain distance, and so on.There are multiple levels and scenarios for players to choose from, each with a different level of difficulty and challenge. Players need to jump as high as possible in the specified time to get a higher score and ranking. At the same time, the game also provides a rich achievement and leaderboard system, players can compete with players around the world, show their strength.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Doodle Jump 2 is a simple way to play, only requires players to click on the screen to control the character jump, easy to use, suitable for players of all ages.

2. The pace of the game is fast, players need to constantly jump and avoid obstacles, looking for opportunities to jump higher, giving people a challenge and a sense of accomplishment, which makes people addicted.

3. There are various props and upgrade systems in the game, players can collect gold coins to buy props and upgrade characters, increase the fun and challenge of the game.

4. The game supports competition with friends, and scores are compared through online leaderboards, which increases the fun of social interaction.

5. There are multiple obstacles and levels in the game, and the random generation of each game makes each game have new challenges and changes, increasing the playability and repeatability of the game.


1. Advertisements may be displayed in the game, which sometimes interrupt the game experience and affect the flow of the game. Some ads may also be too frequent and obtrusive.

2. Doodle Jump 2 belongs to the endless jump genre and lacks story and depth, which can seem monotonous and boring to some players who are looking for story and complexity.


Good App Guaranteed:

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  • Size: 83.91 Mb
  • Version : 1.5.1
  • Updated : October 18, 2022
  • Developer: Lima Sky
  • Size : 51.38 Mb
  • Version : 1.5.1
  • Updated : October 30, 2022
  • Developer: Lima Sky