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Game introduction

【How to Play】

In the delightful universe of Frozen Frenzy Mania, players are invited to match ice cream treats, creating a delectable cascade of challenges and surprises. As you embark on this journey, you'll find yourself breaking through cookie walls and tackling multiplying jellies in a quest that blends sweetness with strategic intricacies. While the mechanics are easy to grasp, the game's cleverly designed obstacles ensure that mastery is a rewarding endeavor. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of weekly events, tempting rewards, and satisfying challenges that cater to both your appetite for fun and your craving for strategic gameplay.Piper the Penguin and her companions are yearning for ice cream, and your assistance is required to satiate their craving. As a player, your goal is to match ice cream treats in order to create delightful combos that unravel a series of challenges, each designed to indulge your sweet tooth. With over 800 levels at your fingertips, and fresh additions introduced on a weekly basis, the game ensures a constant supply of engaging puzzles to keep you hooked. Frozen Frenzy Mania boasts four distinct Game Modes, each offering a unique twist to the traditional match-3 mechanics. From creating Super Sundaes to unearthing gummy fish bites, these modes infuse the gameplay with diversity, preventing monotony and ensuring that your appetite for challenges remains insatiable. Frozen Frenzy Mania spices up the experience with an assortment of mouth-watering combos and power-ups. The Rainbow Pop, Mega Scoop, Whipped Cream, and other boosters serve as tools to elevate your high score and overcome challenging levels. For those who relish competition, Frozen Frenzy Mania enables players to compete against friends on Facebook and fellow players worldwide. The global leaderboard offers an opportunity to showcase your prowess, adding a social dimension to the game.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The core gameplay of matching ice cream treats and overcoming obstacles is easy to pick up, making it accessible for players of all levels.

2.With over 800 levels and new additions weekly, the game ensures a continuous stream of diverse challenges that prevent monotony.

3.The assortment of power-ups, such as Rainbow Pop and Whipped Cream, not only boost scores but also enhance strategic decision-making, adding depth to the gameplay.


1.While the game introduces various Game Modes, players who seek a more diverse gaming experience may find the fundamental match-3 gameplay becoming monotonous over time.

2. The availability of in-app purchases for boosters and items might create a situation where players feel compelled to invest real money in order to progress further in the game.


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