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Game introduction


Royal Match is a casual puzzle game where players help King Robert decorate his castle through solving match-3 puzzles. The gameplay consists of completing match-3 puzzles in various levels to earn coins and other rewards, which can be used to purchase items and upgrades to help decorate the castle.

To play, players swipe colors to match and eliminate similar items on the puzzle board. The goal is to complete each level by matching and eliminating enough items to reach the designated goal. The rewards earned from completing levels can then be used to decorate King Robert's castle and unlock new areas.

The game features thousands of challenging levels, special events where players can compete with millions of other players, and boosters to help players progress through the levels.

Royal Match is a fun and engaging puzzle game that will appeal to players who enjoy match-3 puzzle games, as well as those who enjoy themes centered around castle decoration and adventure.

【How to Play】

Royal Match is a very popular mobile game, which combines puzzles and eliminations, allowing players to experience a unique game fun. The gameplay of this game is simple to understand, but full of challenges, which brings a lot of fun and excitement to the players.

In the game, players need to complete various tasks and challenges through the way of puzzles. Each level has a different goal, such as eliminating certain blocks, collecting certain items, etc. Players need to exterminate the same blocks by swapping their positions so that they are joined together. After completing the mission, the player will receive a reward that can be used to unlock new levels and items.And thus, players can experience and enjoy more and more contents offered by the game.

In general, Royal Match is a challenging gameof much fun. Its simple gameplay have attracted many players. If you love puzzles games, then this game is sure to come to your first choice. Give it a try and see if you can become a great puzzle master!

【Pros and Cons】


1.One of the advantagesabout the game is that it has beautiful graphics and excellent sound. The puzzle and background design in the game are exquisite and delicate, giving people a very comfortable and pleasant feeling.

2.In addition, the sound effects of the game are also excellent, and each action has a corresponding sound effect, adding to the fun and realism of the game.

3.One more vantage is that the game's level design is very clever. Each level has a different difficulty and challenge, and players need to use flexible strategies and skills in order to successfully complete the task.

4.The game also offers a number of items and skills that can help the player complete the mission more easily. What’s more, the game has a number of hidden levels and special missions that increase the game's playability and challenge.


1.The slowness of the game progress has being widely blamed among the old users. Completing a level takes a certain amount of time and effort, and unlocking new levels and items takes a certain amount of waiting time. This can make some players bored and impatient.

2.Some items and skills in the game need to be purchased with virtual currency, which is relatively slow to acquire. This can be troubling for some players, especially those who are reluctant to spend real money for virtual currency.


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  • Version : 7888
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  • Developer: Dream Games