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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Move People is a fun puzzle game where you need to use strategy and logic to help your characters move from start to finish. The game not only provides challenging levels, but also allows players to exercise their thinking and problem-solving skills. The gameplay of Move People is simple and challenging. Each level has a number of characters scattered around the map, and the player's goal is to help them get to the designated end point. Players can guide characters by clicking, dragging, and moving roads or other elements on the map.The roads and obstacles in the game are constantly changing, and players need to be flexible to find the best path and strategy. In some levels, the player can also use special abilities or items to solve puzzles, such as Bridges, portals, etc.Each level has different completion conditions, some require all characters to reach the end, and some require specific characters to reach the end. Players need to carefully observe and analyze the level to make the right decisions and moves in order to achieve the goal of completing the level.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Players must employ strategic thinking and reasoning to surmount obstacles and guide characters to the conclusion. By tackling various stages, players can enhance their cognitive abilities and cultivate a well-rounded skill set.

2. Move People presents an assortment of levels for players to confront. Each level showcases a distinct map and level of difficulty, allowing players to select an appropriate challenge based on their own capabilities and preferences.

3. The game's mechanics are user-friendly and straightforward, as players only need to click and drag to manipulate pathways or characters. This accessibility ensures that anyone can effortlessly grasp and revel in the game.

4. The game furnishes players with a range of special items and abilities at their disposal. These utilities aid players in unraveling puzzles and surmounting obstacles, heightening the enjoyment and intensity of the game.


1. Since the core gameplay of the game is to solve problems and guide the character to move, it can lead to a repetitive game experience. Some players may get bored.

2. Move People's game mechanics are heavily focused on levels and challenges and lack a compelling storyline. Some players may want more storyline and backstory to add to the appeal of the game.

3. The use of items and abilities in the game is limited, and the player needs to use them in certain situations. This can cause some players to feel constrained and want more freedom to use items and abilities to solve problems.


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