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Talking Tom Hero Dash


Game introduction

【How to Play】

In the game, the player needs to help Talking Tom and his friends rescue kittens that have been captured by bad guys. Players need to run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles in a variety of different scenarios, while collecting coins and items to increase points and energy.There are multiple levels in the game, each with a different difficulty and challenge. Players need to complete tasks within a specified time, such as collecting a certain amount of gold, rescuing a trapped cat, and so on. At the same time, players can also unlock new characters and scenarios, increasing the fun and challenge of the game. In the game, players can use various items to help them achieve higher scores in the game. For example, players can use rocket packs to fly a distance, magnets to absorb gold, shields to protect themselves from obstacles, and more. Players can also increase the difficulty and challenge of the game by upgrading their characters' abilities.The game's beautiful picture and realistic sound effect bring the player an immersive game experience. At the same time, the game also provides a rich achievement and leaderboard system, players can compete with players around the world, show their strength.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Based on the characters of the Talking Tom Cat series, the game combines parkour and superhero elements to bring novel game experience.

2. The game uses high-quality graphics and animation effects, and the characters and scenes are finely designed to bring visual enjoyment to the players.

3. There are multiple unlockable characters to choose from in the game, each character has unique skills and characteristics, and players can choose the role that suits them according to their preferences.

4. The game sets up a variety of obstacles and enemies, players need to jump, slide and attack and other actions to avoid them, while collecting gold and energy, increase the challenge and fun of the game.

5. The game allows you to compete with your friends and compare scores via online leaderboards, adding an element of social interaction.


1. There are too many ads in the game, which sometimes interrupt the game experience and affect the game process.

2. There are some special items in the game that need to be purchased, and the price is high, which can put financial pressure on the player.

3. Although the game has multiple characters and levels, some players may feel that the game has limited repeatability and is prone to aesthetic fatigue.


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  • Updated : March 9, 2023
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  • Updated : February 23, 2023
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