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My Talking Angela 2


Game introduction

【How to Play】

The gameplay of the game is very simple, the player needs to take care of Angela's various needs, including feeding, bathing, dressing, playing and so on. The player can feed Angela to make sure her hunger is worth satisfying; You can also bathe her to keep her clean. What’s more, players can choose beautiful clothes and accessories for Angela to make her fashionable and cute.

In addition to taking care of Angela's basic needs, players can also play a variety of fun mini-games with her. There are many different mini-games to choose from, such as puzzle games, dancing games, dressing up games, and more. Players can earn rewards by completing these mini-games, which can be used to buy more clothes and items to enrich Angela's life. In the game, the player can also interact with Angela. Angela can listen to the player's words and respond in her own unique way. Players can chat with Angela, sing, dance, and more to build an intimate relationship with her. In addition, players can take photos and record videos to share Angela's adorable moments with their friends. My Talking Angela 2 also has a social feature where players can talk and interact with other players. Players can visit other players' Angela to learn about their caring style and achievements. Players can also chat and compete with other players to share their experiences and fun.

【Pros and Cons】


1.Compared to its predecessor, My Talking Angela 2 offers players more activities, fashion, makeup, cooking, and more.

2.The graphics and animation of the game have been upgraded to be more refined and vivid.

3.Players can interact with Angela in a wider variety of ways.

4.Certain activities can be creative and thought-provoking for children, such as cooking and clothing matching.

5.Players can customize Angela's look and her home to their liking.

6.Provides pleasant background music and sound effects.


1.Although the game is free, players may need to make in-app purchases in order to get special items or advance quickly.

2.The free version includes ads, which may interrupt the game experience.

3.As with other games in the "My Talk" series, some players may feel that certain activities become repetitive over time.

4.In the past, the "My Talking" series has drawn attention over children's privacy issues, and although the developers have taken steps to address these concerns, there have been concerns from parents.

5.Compared to the previous game, the game may require more device storage space due to the increased content and high quality graphics.


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