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Game introduction

【How to Play】

The kitchen in the game has a wide variety of ingredients and cooking tools, which players can put into the stove, oven or cutting board and other equipment to process and cook. Players can freely choose ingredients, and cut, cook, bake and other operations, so as to create their own unique dishes.In Toca Kitchen 2, there are no fixed missions or goals, and the player is free to play. Children can choose as many ingredients as they like and cook them, allowing them to try the process of cooking a variety of dishes and developing their interest in food and cooking.The game also focuses on interactivity, with players able to touch, drag and rotate ingredients and tools to try and create different flavors and dishes through different actions and combinations. At the same time, players can also observe the reactions of their characters and improve their cooking skills based on their reactions.In addition to cooking food, the game also offers some interesting interactive features. Players can feed their characters and watch their reactions; You can also juice the ingredients in special equipment to make your own drinks; In addition, players can also add seasonings and decorations to the food to increase the beauty and taste of the dishes.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Toca Kitchen 2 provides an opportunity for kids to learn about cooking and ingredients. By interacting with the food, they can learn different ingredient names, shapes, colors, etc. In addition, children can learn about changes in food and cooking principles through trial and error and trial in the cooking process.

2. In the game, children need to provide food for the characters and make sure their needs are met. This develops children's sense of responsibility and caring for others. In addition, if there are multiple children playing games together, they can also cooperate, divide the labor and promote the development of teamwork and communication skills.


1.The content of the Toca Kitchen 2 is relatively limited, and there is no clear goal and challenge, which can be boring and dreary for some children. Some children may need more stimulation and challenge to stay interested.

2. There are ads and in-app purchase options in the Toca Kitchen 2, which may interfere with the child's play experience. Parents need to pay attention to and control these contents to protect the interests of their children.


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