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Toca Lab: Plants


Game introduction

【How to Play】

First, select a plant in the display area of the laboratory. The game offers a variety of exotic plants, each with unique characteristics and properties. Click on the plant and drag it onto the bench.In the laboratory, you will see a variety of experimental tools and equipment. By clicking on the different ICONS on the toolbar, you can select and use the tools. For example, microscopes allow you to observe the cell structure of plants, and analyzers can measure the chemical composition of plants.Use tools to experiment on selected plants. You can try treating plants with chemicals, changing light and temperature conditions, or watching how plants react in different environments. Through different experiments, you can learn about the growth, reaction and adaptability of plants.By experimenting, you may discover new substances or properties. As you discover new substances, they will be recorded in your lab manual. Try experimenting with different plants and experimental conditions to unlock more substances and discoveries.In addition to the lab bench, you can also explore other areas of the lab. Click on different locations in the lab and you may discover hidden secrets or additional experimental tools.In the process of exploring and experimenting, you can create unique plant combinations and new experimental schemes. Save your discoveries and share them with friends to explore more of the wonderful world of plants.

【Pros and Cons】


1.Toca Lab: Plants is not only an entertaining game, it also provides a platform for children to learn about botany and help them learn about different plants and their properties.

2.The game's screen design is unique and colorful, providing players with an attractive visual experience.

3.There are many experiments and tasks in the game to encourage players to explore and experiment, improving the game's interaction and participation.

4.Toca Boca's games generally do not contain in-app purchases and ads, which allows children to play in a safe environment without worrying about unnecessary purchases or being disturbed by ads.

5.The game is simple to operate and suitable for players of all ages.


1.While the game provides a platform to learn about plants, it is not entirely based on real scientific knowledge. This can cause children to misunderstand certain botanical concepts.

2.Some players may find the tasks and experiments in the game a little repetitive, which may reduce the interest in playing for long periods of time.

3.Toca Boca's games may be relatively expensive for some families.

4.The game may not be updated frequently enough, which can cause some players to lose interest after completing all the missions and experiments.


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