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Game introduction

【How to Play】

In this fast-paced 3D action game, you will be in charge of a tank and fight against your enemies using cannons, and other weapons like heat seekers as well as howitzers. By defeating those enemies, you will no doubt become a Tank Hero. There are altogether more than 120 levels waiting for players to challenge. Players can choose from three different environments on the battlefield. Before starting the game, players should decide whether they want to play the campaign mode or survival mode. During the battle, players can take advantage of 5 different weapons based on the situation. Since it is a single-player game, there will be AI tanks as your enemy. There are 5 types of those tanks and you can choose any of them to fight against. The game is compatible with both mobile phones and tablets. Since it is small in size, you don’t need to worry about the storage space of your mobile devices. Also, the game can be played offline, which means no internet connection is required. The best thing about the game is that players don’t need to spend any penny on this game since the game doesn’t charge players for its installation and it has no in-app purchases. To survive till the last and win over the rest of the AI tanks, you need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your own tanks’ weapons and your enemies so that you can always make wise choices and make smart strategies to fight.

【Pros and Cons】


1. Inheriting the classic Tank game mechanics, Tank Hero upgrades the graphics into 3D styles and offers players an immersive gameplay experience.

2. The featuring of multiple tanks, weapons, and locations makes the game rather rich in content and entertaining for players to enjoy.

3. The game can be played without an internet connection, so players can enjoy the game whenever and wherever they want.

4. Tank Hero is totally free of charge and players don’t need to make in-app purchases.


1. In the survival mode, it is hard to switch weapons in time and the tank will always be destroyed by other AI tanks. Therefore, the reaction speed should be improved.

2. The controls are not flexible enough and sometimes it is impossible for players to drive the tank in certain directions. The way to fix it is to adjust the position of the joystick.

3. Ads are displayed in the game.


Good App Guaranteed:

This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.
  • Size: 16.77 Mb
  • Version : 1.1.5
  • Updated : October 24, 2022
  • Developer: Siege Camp
  • Size : 10.38 Mb
  • Version : 1.5.13
  • Updated : October 25, 2022
  • Developer: Siege Camp