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Game introduction

【How to Play】

My Talking Tom Friends is a cute and fun virtual pet game where players can play, care for and explore with their adorable pet friends. The gameplay of this lovely game is quite easy and not hard to learn. First, players need to choose their pet characters, including Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca. Each character has its own unique personality and characteristics, which players can choose according to their own preferences.Once in the game, players will be placed in a pet house full of fun and surprises. Players can play with their pet friends, such as playing ball, dancing, playing guitar, etc. By interacting with pets, players can increase their friendship with pets and unlock more interesting interactive actions.In addition to playing, players also need to take care of the pet's daily life. Players can bathe, feed, go to the toilet, etc., to ensure the health and happiness of pets. At the same time, players can also dress up for pets, choose different clothes and accessories, so that pets become more fashionable and cute.There are also a variety of activities and missions waiting for the player to complete. Players can participate in parties, tournaments and challenges to win rewards and unlock more content. What’s more, players can explore the various rooms of the pet house to discover hidden surprises and treasures.My Talking Tom Friends also offers social features where players can interact and communicate with other players. Players can invite friends to their pet house to play and share their pet achievements and experiences.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The pet rearing system is perfect, players can adopt their own Tom, and carefully take care of it, as Tom grows, players can unlock more interesting gameplay.

2.Social play is rich, players can play games with friends, exchange items, and share their Tom on social media to interact with other players.

3.The game screen is cute, simple and easy to operate, so that players can easily get started.

4.The music of the game is cheerful, so that the player can feel a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the game.


1.The game is a bit stuck, and sometimes there are flash back issues.

2.Some features require a fee to use, such as buying more decorations and clothing.

3.The content of the game is somewhat monotonous, and players can find it tedious, especially for some players with higher requirements.


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