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Game introduction

【Howto play】

This game provides an engaging simulation experience where players can run their own cafe, interact with customers, and partake in various stories and events. To help you navigate this virtual culinary world and maximize your cafe's potential, here's a walkthrough to guide you through the game's mechanics.

Begin by setting up your cafe, choosing its name, and giving it a personalized touch with custom decor. The initial tutorial introduces you to the basics of serving customers, fulfilling orders, and earning coins. Progression in the game largely hinges on completing stories, achieved through completing customer orders and tasks. These stories are crucial for leveling up and unlocking new features, making it essential to diligently complete tasks.

Efficiently managing customers is key. Pay attention to their preferences, indicated by thought bubbles above their heads. Quick and accurate service results in higher tips and greater popularity for your cafe. Wisely invest your hard-earned coins in upgrading appliances, furniture, and decor items. Upgrades enhance efficiency, enabling you to serve customers more promptly and boost your earnings.

As you level up and accomplish certain tasks, unlock new recipes to expand your menu. Experimenting with different recipes can attract a diverse clientele to your cafe. Engaging with other players becomes possible through joining or creating a township. Township festivals are a highlight, offering rewards for completing tasks and contributing to your township's success.

Resource management is essential. Track your coins and gems carefully; while coins are obtained through orders, gems are more valuable and rarer. Gems might be needed for special purchases or to progress in certain stories. It's crucial to allocate your resources smartly, striking a balance between upgrading, recipe exploration, and story advancement.

【pros and cons】


1.The game offers an engaging and immersive experience of running a cafe, from serving customers to expanding the menu and decorating the establishment.

2.The inclusion of stories and characters adds depth to the gameplay, giving players a sense of progression and purpose.

3.The ability to personalize your cafe with decorations and upgrades allows for creative expression and a unique gaming experience.

4.Joining a township and participating in events fosters a sense of community and collaboration with other players.


1.Requiring VIP status for creating a township could feel unfair to players who want to enjoy cooperative play without additional expenses.

2. Players might find themselves stuck or bored once they complete available stories, as there might not be enough ways to level up or progress.


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