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Game introduction

【How to Play】

First, the player will start the game and have a small town. In the beginning, players need to build infrastructure, such as residential houses, farmland, and industrial areas. At the same time, players can also decorate and beautify the town, such as building parks, plazas, etc., to create a unique urban look.Secondly, farmland is one of the important parts of Township. Players can grow a variety of crops, such as wheat, corn, carrots, etc., and harvest the crops for gold and experience points. As the game progresses, players can unlock more crop varieties and expand their farm by purchasing new land. Players can also build farms, raise pigs, cattle, etc., from which to obtain agricultural products and make a variety of food.

Township also offers a trading system where players can buy and sell goods through built warehouses and shipping centers. Players can trade with other players or NPCS to earn gold and trade experience based on produce, processed foods, and handmade goods. Through trade, players can obtain specialties and rare items from other towns to meet the needs of their own town.In addition, Township has a wealth of missions and activities. Players can take on a lot of tasks, and finishing them will give them prizes and a sense of success. At the same time, the game will also regularly hold various activities, such as fairs, competitions, etc., players can participate in and win rich rewards. The abundance of activities and missions makes the game long-lasting and playable.

【Pros and Cons】


1.In addition to basic farm management, players can also play city construction, exploration, transportation and other kinds of gameplay.

2.The graphic design of the game is vivid and colorful, which provides visual enjoyment for the players.

3.Players can establish co-operatives with friends and participate in various community activities together, enhancing interaction and cooperation between players.

4.The game regularly releases new content and activities to ensure that players have a fresh gaming experience.

5.Players need to strategically decide the allocation of resources, the layout of cities, and the sale of products, which adds depth to the game.


1.Even though the game is free, some premium should be paid for if you want to buy special items, which may annoy players a lot.

2.Many missions and activities have time limits, and players may miss out on certain rewards if they don't complete them in time.


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