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Game introduction

【How to Play】

Baldi's Basics Classic is a very fun horror puzzle game developed and published by Micah McGonigal. The game is loved by players for its unique pixel style and crazy gameplay experience.Baldi's Basics Classic is simple but addictive. The player takes on the role of an elementary school student who must complete and finish a series of tasks in a scary school while hiding from a crazy teacher, Baldi. In the game, players need to find seven books scattered around the school and solve the correct questions to escape.The player needs to move carefully to avoid being overtaken and caught by Baldi, who throws a ruler at the player and cuts the player's time. In addition, players have to keep an eye out for other characters, such as optimistic friend Playtime and creepy monster Gotta Sweep. Players can find items and use hidden paths and mechanisms in the environment to evade capture, increasing the success rate of escape.There are also hidden eggs and puzzles waiting to be solved, adding depth and challenge to the game.

【Pros and Cons】


1. The game creates a unique visual and auditory experience with pixel-style graphic design and sound effects. This simple yet exaggerated style gives the player a unique feel for the game.

2. The game is full of intense and exciting atmosphere, players need to act carefully to avoid being discovered and attacked by the enemy. This tension adds to the challenge and appeal of the game.

3. The game offers many different game mechanics, such as solving puzzles, evading capture, collecting items, and so on. This makes the game rich and varied, increasing the player's strategy and playability.

4. The various characters in the game are designed to be very interesting and special. Each character has its own unique characteristics and behaviors that give the player a different game experience.


1.The levels and story in the game are relatively limited, which can lead to repetitive play. Some players may get bored and want more levels and stories to increase the game's durability.

2. The difficulty of the game is relatively high and may be too challenging for some new players. This can cause some players to feel frustrated or unable to fully enjoy the game.

3. The sound effects in the game can sometimes be too harsh and noisy, which may cause discomfort to some sensitive players.


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