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Ball Sort - Color Puzzle Game


Game introduction

【How to Play】

Ball Sort - Color Puzzle Game is a challenging and fun colored ball puzzle game. The charm of this game is that it can exercise the player's observation, thinking ability and spatial perception ability. By placing different colored spheres in prescribed positions, players can solve a series of exciting puzzle challenges, which can promote and escalate a sense of success of the players.

The methods of playing this game is not complex and hard. At the start of the game, you will see a chaotic pile of spheres containing a variety of colors and shapes, which are intertwined and make people feel a little confused. However, with simple actions such as touching, dragging, and rotating, the player can gradually sort out these spheres and eventually present the complete pattern.The level design of the game is very clever, and each level has a fixed step limit. This means that the player needs to complete the puzzle in a limited number of steps, or the challenge will fail. This limitation adds tension and strategy to the game, making every move seem crucial.In addition to the ordinary sphere, the game also appeared in many special shape of the sphere, such as triangles, squares and so on. The addition of these special spheres brings more fun and challenges to the game. Sometimes, you need to use the properties of these special spheres to solve problems and break through puzzle dilemmas.

【Pros and Cons】


1.The game's operations and rules are simple, but players need strategy and a plan to complete each level.

2.The game can exercise the logical thinkingcapabilities of the players, which helps to exercise players' brain and problem-solving skills.

3.The clear interface and simple design make it easy for players to get started.

4.It is a very good casual game for playing during short breaks.

5.A large number of levels are provided, providing the player with a constant challenge.


1.There are ads in the free version, and some players may feel that ads interrupt the game experience.

2.Although the difficulty increases with each level, some players may find the gameplay too repetitive.

3.Some players think that the difficulty of the game increases too fast or too slowly.

4.Some users may experience game crashes or other technical issues, especially on certain devices.

5.While the game itself is free, in-app purchases may be required in order to access specific content or remove ads.


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