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Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle


Game introduction

【How to Play】

At the beginning of the game, the player is faced with a complex map with many rooms and passages. The main character needs to go to the bathroom urgently, and the increasing pressure will push the player to act quickly.Players need to use their fingers to draw a path on the screen to guide the protagonist smoothly to the toilet. Be careful to avoid obstacles when drawing the path, such as furniture, wires, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid colliding with other characters, otherwise the characters will temporarily stop their actions, resulting in wasted time.

In order to increase the challenge and fun, the game has different levels and difficulties, each level has a unique map design and obstacle layout. As the levels are unlocked, the difficulty of the game increases. Players need to think about how to plot the shortest path and get to the toilet as quickly as possible to get a higher score.In addition, there are several items in the game to help players better cope with the challenge. For example, an eraser item can be used to erase the wrong path, or an accelerator item can be used to increase the speed of the protagonist's movement, thus getting to the toilet faster. The correct use of items will greatly improve the success rate of the level.As players gain experience with the game, they can unlock more interesting character skins and background themes, adding more fun and personalized options to the game.

【Pros and Cons】


1.Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzleis easy to understand. The rules and operations of the game are very simple, players can quickly pick up.

2.The game has innovative design.The game is played by drawing lines, which is new and unique compared to other games.

3.It is full of challenges which are suitable for players who like to get excited. By setting up different difficulty levels, the game is somewhat challenging.

4.This game supports repeatable play.The strategy of drawing lines can be different each time, so it can be repeated and not easily bored.


1.The content of the game is single, and the content of the entire game is around drawing lines, which may make the player feel monotonous.

2.There are too many adsin this game. Many players reported that the game had too many ads, which affected the game experience.

3.It lacksdepth. Compared to other games, the story setting or character setting of this game is relatively simple and lacks depth.


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